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Néstor García was born in Alicante, Spain, in 1985. After studying at the Conservatory of contemporary dance in Valencia for ten years, he moved to Barcelona to pursue theater studies at Institut del Teatre. Three years after he moved to Brussels to join P.A.R.T.S (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), school directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, with the intention of developing his ideas as a maker.

As a result of his choreographic practice, he has made pieces that have been presented in several international festivals, the solo “The secret of a meaningful piece” (2010), the piece for five performers “Now and Then, Here and There” (2011), “Specific objects without specific form” (2012) a piece in collaboration with singers from la Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, and “G#$*&! / Disagreement? / How to dance things with doing” (2012), piece that is the result of a collaboration within a collective project.

He also has been active as a performer, working with Jeremy Wade in “Neo Sweet pig Nothing Lullaby’s for the Sick and Suffering” (2008), Xavier Le Roy & Mårten Spånberg in “Project, don’t look now” (2011) and Tino Sehgal in “This Variation” (2012). He also took part in several projects with choreographers/theoreticians like Jonathan Burrows, Thierry De Mey, Bojana Cvejic and Christophe Wavelet among others.

He currently lives in Brussels.

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