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Data from Outer Space
The Alpha Conscience is a spaceship that travels in hyperspace. When life on earth is over, it transcends the earthly dimension to become a new atomic life form existing in another galaxy. The Alpha Conscience travels an endless journey from one atomic life form to another.
The inspiration for what you are about to encounter has been generated from a place far away from earth. The main character is a galactic philosopher who dies in a major meteor shower that destroys his planet. He then begins life as a human being on earth.
The galactic philosopher has been born into a new world with a clean slate of surface consciousness. His notions of who he once was and what has happened to him have been buried under layers of human unconsciousness and now lie in the depths of his atomic mind.
His identity is sealed in subconscious data which is bound to flash before him. He faces a great inner struggle. As a human being, he manifests as a primitive life form and quickly becomes isolated from the masses because of his primitive nature. While day dreaming he often receives flashbacks from his previous life. What makes him a primitive life form is the fact that in his previous life he created a theory about an eternal life form. This eternal life form exists as a form of consciousness that travels from one celestial body to another. His theory indicates that the core of existence is an alpha consciousness that can overwrite the laws of physics and astrophysics. It is an eternal agent that travels throughout the universe, appearing in a variety of atomic life forms, yet each time cycle is completed, the Alpha Conscience tends to peal out into a new layer of consciousness thus the birth of a new atomic life form whose entire universal spiritual legacy is documented by a universal matrix that thrives on consciousness and karma. Although his knowledge regarding his own theory is drowned in the ocean of his unconscious, his nature as a galactic philosopher remains the same.
As a premature life form, the galactic philosopher leaves his earthly creators, his ability to maintain his existence on earth without the assistance of others comes to him naturally. He chooses a path free of conjunction with the mainstream human system. His only window to the outer world is earth’s visible outer space.
He creates an inner bond with the outer space that permeates the stars and plants that are visible from earth’s outer space. He discovers this bond is an instrument with which to explore his newborn atomic mind, an instrument that enables him to dive deep into his subconscious. He begins to receive inner visions that he can not phantom, projections from the alpha consciousness, fragments.

The alpha consciousness thrives on registered data that is collectively assembled by the mind. It will than connect this data to the subconscious matrix of the mind and create a fusion between registered data and subconscious data.

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