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Leo de Wijs graduated from the Master animation course of the Hogeschool voor Kunsten Utrecht in September 2007 with Marin; a reversed personal take on the Hans Cristian Andersen’s story of the Little Mermaid which also served as the exegesis part of an examination into Disney and adaptation practices. Beside animation does Leo have a background in graphic design and advertising which helps to give his films a strong sense of art direction and a relative ease in anticipating the desired effect certain choices in storytelling and design will make on the audience reception. Leo is currently pursuing the development of a new, longer animated film based on same principles of balance between artistic integrity and commercial appeal. His ultimate goal in animation film making is to reach a large audience that feels an almost unconscious and invigorating emotional involvement with the characters and story. Pursuing the sort of ‘magic’ he believes Disney manages when at it’s best (early 40’s – early 90’s) but bending the technique in a personal, more European way. But there is, he admits, even after graduating still a long way to go before reaching the desired level.

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