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Barbara Goodson started her career by studying musical and classical theater at The American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City. It led to acting in a variety of plays and to writing her own multi-charactered one woman show called “A Broad's View,” which she performed in night clubs around the Big Apple. Her move to Los Angeles was just going to be a short trip but it was there that she started making a living in an unknown genre called … Anime! In the early 80’s, Barbara was performing the role of Amy in the musical “Company” when the bass player suggested she contact someone who was casting Japanese cartoons into English. No one had any idea at the time how it would take off! Some of her earlier work includes Marie Crystal and Sera
in“Robotech,” Doris in “Vampire Hunter D,” Takashi and Kaori in “Akira,” and the infamous Empress Rita on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” Barbara also had the privilege of voicing the Magical Penguin for "Froot Loops", Red Fraggle and Wingnut for Jim Henson’s “Fraggle Rock,” Cruella Deville in “101 Dalmations” for Disney On Ice and Darling in Disney's “Lady and the Tramp II.”
Her other voices include Naota in “FLCL,” Granny Chiyo in “Naruto” and most recently Mother Talzin in “ Star Wars: The Clone Wars” seasons three and four. She also can be heard on several interactive games such as Lady Vashj in “World of Warcraft” and Laharl
in “Disgaea.” Some of her on-camera film work includes McCain Granny ("McGranny"), an Obama Girl spoof on Youtube, Judith, the pushy mother in “Raw Footage,” Mother Teresa in “Welcome Back Satan”, The Happy Dancing Lady in "Let's Dance" and Aunt Eloise in a thriller called "The Lid". Barbara is proud to be part of the Cloud Bread animated show that was nominated for for Best Children's Programming at the 38th Annie Awards this year. She truly loves acting in all its forms and plans to continue working until
"The Fat Lady Sings" or "The Cows Come Home" ... whichever comes last!

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