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San Diego

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Social Media Specialist

Contractor for the Media Department at Maranatha Chapel in San Diego. I am editing and encoding the recorded bi-weekly webcast sermons for the iPhone/ Android applications and Maranatha TV. Photograph various events around Church.

Expert in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Wordpress, You Tube and many others.

Blogging for Churches and other organizations as well as my own blog. Filming, producing and editing videos for various non profit organizations.

Photography experience:

Published Photographer with a passion to capture the perfect moment. I capture landscapes, cover many events and I am available for personal photography such as portraits and family pictures on location.

Personal: I love to take Sunset/Beach life pictures. I have several sites on which my artwork is displayed and sold.

I have covered many special events, edited and published projects for Churches and other organizations and ministries. I am also a writer for a online ministry that answers question from people around the globe.

I'm writing my own blog from a biblical perspective on various issues. Administrator for my own social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YT, Blogger, Wordpress, God Tube and more.

Administrator for various church websites and ministries. My passion is creating, writing and sharing my faith via videos, blogs and photos using the internet.

San Diego, California

Specialties: Photography - Video, editing, production and publishing. Experienced in encoding videos and other media for iPhone and Android apps. Seascapes and Landscape Photography is my passion, but I am not limited to it. I have done various projects either in photo or video format.

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