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CO-LAB EDITIONS - Performance art Program

Co-Lab Editions program will be dedicated to an exchange between artists that use Performance art as one of their primary working media.

It is important to find a common denominator in cultural differences and the affinities inside the work methodologies.

Artists working inside Live Performance, Video performance and Installation Performance will be invited to participate in this project. It will be important to mix these artists, attempting to create possibilities of formal and theory engagements within the SAVVY Contemporary concept and space.

The first editions, between March and December 2011, will be dedicated to an exchange between one artist based in Berlin and another from abroad, as well as a discourse between the West and the non-West.

During this annual program several catalogs will be published on the Co-lab editions, which will be an attempt to bring critics, curators or other professionals to create a point of view about the collaboration between the artists and the status quo of Performance art within contemporary art.

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