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Dunsborough, Western Australia

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I first picked up a video camera in October 2007 after looking for a creative outlet other than shooting still images with my twin brother Christian. I needed my own identity and shooting landscape images in competition with him was not fulfilling a need to stand on my own two feet in the image making world.

I started out with the Canon XHA1. I added the Letus 35 extreme 35mm adapter to this after watching guys like Philip Bloom on Exposure Room and later Vimeo.

The 5D mk2 was a turning point for me, allowing the creative style formally only on offer to high end cinematic camera's. I have relied on this camera 100% on all my video projects to the point that I had forgotten how to use a proper video camera.

When the Canon C300 arrived it heralded a new level of video production for me. No longer having to work around the ergonomics of a DSLR the C300's functionality and lovely image has been a breath of fresh air.

I dont profess to being a tech savvy camera operator. I shoot what looks pleasing to my eye and do my best to cover my poor shooting technique with soothing post production.

I'm so excited to be new to this genre of image making. There are exciting times ahead and I'm hoping to be right amongst the new technology hopefully learning and improving as I go.

You can view my collaborative work with my brother at christianfletcher.com.au

Or email me at michael@christianfletcher.com.au

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