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SWIGCH’D is far beyond a Premium Human Hair & Lace Wig Collection, it is a lifestyle. It’s about switching up your look and seeing the positive change in your attitude. SWIGCH’D was founded by Morgan Gantt with the dream of helping women overcome their own personal hair issues by offering them high quality products and personalized customer service.

Millions of women around the world suffer from serious hair issues, which makes it ever challenging to function in an image driven society. Women are under immense pressure to look polished to perfection, and camera ready with of course, flawless hair. Society has instilled in women the misconception that long, thick, luxurious hair is the only way to go, even if it is not what nature intended for her. SWIGCH’D was founded with real women in mind.

Women who suffer from thinning hair, hair loss from chemotherapy, or struggling with other conditions like females pattern baldness, may lack self confidence and suffer in silence. Most women are not always aware of the many undetectable and versatile human hair options available to them. Whether she is the CEO of a corporation, stay at home mom or a fitness enthusiast, SWIGCH’D can fit any lifestyle. All of the human hair options comes in a variety of styles, textures and colors to help every woman find her perfect look that will help improve her self confidence and overall quality of life.

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