Elisabete Finger

Berlin/São Paulo

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Elisabete Finger is a performer, maker, and researcher in contemporary art. She lives and works between Berlin - Germany and Curitiba - Brazil, doing solo projects as well as collaborations with other artists. She was one of the resident artists in Casa Hoffmann (Curitiba-2004), a part of the Essais program in CNDC d’Angers-FR (2005/2006), and has recently concluded the MA SODA program (Solo/Dance/Authorship UdK/HZT) in Berlin. Her own work has been presented in different festivals and contexts (dance, performance, visual arts) in Brazil, Uruguay, France, Portugal and Germany. As a performer she collaborated with Susan Rethorst, Deborah Hay, Eszter Salomon, Christine de Smedt, Rosane Chamecki, and Andrea Lerner among others. Elisabete Finger is member of Cauliflower Miniglobal Artistic Community (couve-flor.org), along with other 7 Brazilian independent artists and inconsumivel.coma (inconsumivel.wordpress.com), along with other artists from DanceWeb 2009.

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