joshua branam

Atlanta, GA

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I was born on a farm in Richmond, VA.


The bulk of my work consists of motion graphic designs for broadcast, in which I work closely with a producer/editor throughout the project. Throughout these various projects, I'm involved in all aspects, including: concepts, storyboarding, design, and animation. Along with providing graphics for On-Air, I design graphics for both the Web and Print. As for my work ethic I am extremely organized person, in both my file structure, backup of all my work, and workspace. I am very much a team player and would like to hear input from every direction. I look at each project in terms of it's priority, demands, complexity, and deadline. After addressing the needs of each project I set out a production schedule to ensure that all goals are met within the deadline. I have a passion for the craft and I am always looking to push myself creatively, by staying involved in the creative communities, as well as, staying in tune with emerging technologies, which provide me with the tools. The approach that I take towards design in general is to never put boundries on imagination, instead push the concept and then find the best tools to create it.