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"We call ourselves “Misfitz” because we strayed away from the street life and instead made our own lane of life"
Its statements like the above, that have helped Slickk Tiszimo and Kit Kittlez, rise above the typical..."life in the hood is hard,I got it 10 a key,bottles poppin,don't " trash that has consumed t he masses. In an age filled with clones this two man Voltron, from the Mid-west come together to form THE ZOO KREW, with a mission to storm the music industry and take things back to reality.
Already with a respectable head start by dropping "Jungle Juice" an intro E.P. back in 2008, and jumping on select shows on Wiz Khalifa's 2010 "Deal or No Deal tour" not to mention sharing stages with, Dom Kennedy,Wale and Curren$y. Also blog postage on,, Zillasays, and Hailmaryjane to name a few. All that steam leading to promoters calling for shows, from Louisville to Chicago.
Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, THE ZOO KREW aim to be the voice for the today's youth growing up in the inner city without falling victim to the streets, offering an alternative view on the world, "Our music really has colors and shapes to it" says Slickk. With musical influences from Outkast, Bone Thugs N Harmony, UGK, Dungeon Family, Tanya Morgan, N.E.R.D, Bootsy Collins and Geto Boys. Taking many childhood experiences growing up around unfortunate circumstances,The Zoo display music with a charismatic feel to it while making honest music without the negative connotation,while serving the harsh pains and joys of todays world,instead of the extravagant lifestyle.
Getting most of their production by Beataholic (prod. for Freeway, SAS, Little Brother etc. and Bootsy Collins engineer) and Slickk Tiszimo of THE ZOO KREW handling production also. Filled with innovative song concepts aimed to reinvent the Ohio sound. The agenda is very simple, establish “THE ZOO KREW” brand world-wide and become a force in the music industry. "There is no stopping point in success you can always keep building on the success you already have" says Kittlez known as the “wild” man out of the group. Armed with lyrical weapons of mass destruction and giving earth lessons on every track a person is bound to learn how to roll up some good and upset the government in one song alone, all while learning how to live the "Zee Life"

TWITTER: @THEZOOKREW @KittlezZooKrew @SlickkZooKrew @UntamedNetwork

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