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  1. Mike, you are so welcome. It's awesome to hear that the tools are working for you. Congrats to you for making the effort. It does get easier and life gets better too. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Thank you DriftLab--glad to be useful.
  3. Ashley, thank you so much. I fully support you in your effort to design your own success. Listen to your own intuition and not external influences (as much as possible).
  4. Hi Grace, I totally agree. Any change is harder to do than say but if you're unhappy with your work it's worth a try. I like the Four Hour Work Week too. I first learned about 80/20 in my Econ 101 class but it was just a theory and now I'm having…
  5. I am also not a numbers person but these numbers have set me free so I love them now.
  6. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thank Patrick. I know that saying no to those jobs is really hard at first. Making decisions from fear has always lead me down the wrong path. Change is hard work so start with one and ease into it.