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We are British Columbia's one stop destination for all that revolves around the body modification world and then some. Here at Adrenaline, we strive to provide each and every client with a safe and amiable establishment, centered on a non-judgmental and approachable atmosphere for all services we offer. Our website has been designed to provide you with the foremost information in reference to the piercing and tattoo industry.

Whether you are covered in tattoos, or you don't have any at all, the Adrenaline family is here to guide you through this personal experience. Our diverse group of accomplished tattoo artists offer a variety of styles that are sure to meet your desired tattoo needs. Not sure what it is that you desire? No problem! Our extensive directory of flash images and designs are available to assist you with your decision process. Consultations are always free and obtainable to chat with someone about a custom piece.

For those of you more enthralled by a less permanent modification, our qualified and experienced crew of body piercers are more than happy to answer any questions you have and ensure you are well informed of aftercare procedures. In need of some new jewelry? Adrenaline carries an immense selection of body jewelry in numerous materials including surgical steel, 14K white and yellow gold, titanium, pyrex, silicone, acrylic, buffalo horn, bone, wood, stone, and amber.

Not interested in a tattoo or piercing? That's quite alright. Adrenaline is also a distinguished provider of plenty of alternative merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and various works of art. We carry hard to find brands in Vancouver, local and Canadian lines, as well as unique accessories for both men and women.

Now that you know a bit about Adrenaline, take a peak around the site. You will see our artist portfolios, meet our staff, learn about sterilization processes, and get an overall idea of what we, at Adrenaline, stand for. When you are ready, take a trip down to one of our two Vancouver locations located downtown on Granville St. or on W 4th Ave. in Kitsilano. Whatever your motives may be, we are here to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of your experience.

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