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how it all began...
formed on october 31 SamHain Halloween 2009
by special gore fx & soundtrax artists:
Nurse Hatchet
& Patrick D-day MadCox
Mostly known for our special Gore FX
& SoundtrAX!!
we have worked on a number
of independent horror movies, videos
& productions! including:

* the CUTTING ROOM (2007)

* the GOOD SISTERS (2008)

* the CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW (2009 - 2010)
and currently working on
the Chainsaw SALLY Stories: EMERGENCE!! (2011)
Now in production!

The MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX collaboration concept was originally spawned as a sister-side project to our other band:

MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX packing a much more Erotic, Sex Fetish, Horror, Comedy punch to our song context & lyrical subject matter, as well as keeping our hardcore industrial dance punk edge alive!!

with our Vampirates signature brand of psychO Vokalz & FX, performed by:
Nurse Hatchet
aka Mixtress Mary DeSade
and Patrick D-day MadCox
Battle-Ready with a sound completely Driven by the total Insanity & Dominating Diverse Musick created by the many truly talented artists & musicians of the VAMPIRATES & DEMONATRIX crewz!!
Each of whom are already well known in many different musick genres such as Industrial, Metal, Electronica, Punk,
all coming from their Own Killer Solo Projektz!!

Headonistic Torment
Attack of the Vampirates
Laggy Luk
Lady Venom
Ziokan Lucifarian
Sexxxy Susan
Tragic Twinz
Ninja Spice
SpaceChalky 13
Malefactors of Anarchy

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