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  1. i think i have a solution: create an oversize uiwebview (controls ath the bottom, not overlaying the video) load player inside the web view place that webview inside a UIView (clipToBounds=true) clip the html5-controls off display own play, pause,…
  2. when i use the uiwebview approach then it is possible to switch the video to fullscreen. but the web view dent scale, so the vid is big inside a small web view. thats not tolerable. is there a native iOS play available?
  3. Is there any way to use a player like the one on the official vimeo iPhone app? Loading a video through the web view is really slow. And the native player doesn't always come up, specially if you have a slow network connection.
  4. Hi Dom, If you want your video to show only in an iPad app, just set the privacy to hide from vimeo.com and make sure that it's embeddable everywhere.
  5. Hi Brad I am having a similar issue however your suggestion only works for PUBLIC videos. How do users (PRO and PREMIUM) show videos JUST through the ipad app? I am in a similar discussion with Mark (VIMEO) and its proving impossible to find…
  6. You can load the src url of an iframe embed code in a webview (player.vimeo.com/video/id)
  7. I wanted to integrate vimeo to an iPad app. Before I proceed can anyone tell how can we play vimeo videos on iPad?
  8. Issue is resolved. There were issues in the base signature string.