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    MEGAMUNDEN Plus Brighton (England)


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    Amongst the narrow Laines of Brighton (England) lives an elusive yet prolific Illustrator who goes by the moniker of MEGAMUNDEN. He leaves a trail of work on walls, billboards,magazines, figurines, products, paper and skin. From crafting for corporate giants to meticulous tattoo designs for private…

  2. Pukas Surf

    Pukas Surf Basque Country.


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    We are a shitload of things at the same time, but when it all comes to one word, well, we will claim "surfing!" is The word. Our surfboard factory is the biggest in europe, placed between Mundaka and Hossegor in the nearby area of San Sebastian and Zarautz, Spain's Basque Country. The…

  3. Maison Vignaux

    Maison Vignaux PRO Berlin


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    Jacqueline Vignaux and Damien elroy Vignaux are Maison VIGNAUX, a multi-platform creative studio crafting content in film, photography, illustration and animation for fashion and brands.

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