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My name is Leegit but the government knows me as Levi Hicks. I am 19 yrs old and I was born October 7th 1991 and raised in Lakeland Florida. I have had music abilities and talents from before I can remember. I was born with natural rhythm and fell in love with music at an early age. The first rap ever to come out of my mouth was my ABC’s in kindergarten. I helped my class and myself remember the alphabet by saying them to the teachers hand clap. People always told me “wow that white boy has rhythm” but I didn’t start putting it to use until middle school.

I began writing raps and making songs in my notebook in the 6th grade with a close friend named Stino Gonzalez. We never knew how serious we would become with our music but with the support of my community it went from a dream to a reality.

Upon graduating from highschool LeeGit had an opportunity to audition for a tv show called “Rap Super Star 360″ hosted by his now Label mate, “Tiger the Hopeboy”. After an Impressive audition Don Fryson, 360 EI Records President, proposed a deal to make LeeGit the 2nd artist to be signed to 360 EI records.

Leegit is known for his outgoing, fun, personality. His confidence in himself and his ability to entertain any crowd have helped him become an incredible stage performer and recording artist. He puts his heart into everything he does. Being around him for less than a minute you will see he is passionate about his music. He will always give a 110%. And continue to perfect his craft and his role as not only a rapper but an entertainer for every ear everywhere.


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