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Manchester U.K.

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Jean-Paul Bankes-Mercer is one of those strange, weird Directors who love building spaceships in their own back garden for their even stranger films (Escape Plan C); it is this attention to detail that makes his films so exciting. As well as his numerous music videos, he originally trained as an Actor which provided an invaluable insight into working with and directing actors. His first short film “The Tribe” was shown at the New York Independent Film Festival 2004. His first music video “Taking Pictures” for industrial metal band “I-Remain” received 9/10 from “Metal Hammer Magazine” his next music video commission “Key of C” – Jim Noir, was screened world-wide by record label – Atlantic Records. J.P.’s new television series ‘Escape Plan C’ (starring Clint Boon, Gillian Hardie, Roxanne Pallett, John Thomson, Steve Evets & Joe Pasquale) a Manchester based cosmic comedy (‘Phoenix Nights’ meets ‘The Goodies’) is set to hit the small screen in 2013. J.P. is also set to appear on “The Young Apprentice” 2012 (Season 3) being brought in to help the kids shoot a viral for the final. J.P. lives in Manchester, England with his two Goldfish Colin and Steve.

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