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On That Point is BUTV10's award-winning current events discussion show. We bring your questions, concerns and thoughts about today's most pressing issues to the people shaping them by asking expert guests the things students want to know. We've compared the way students and foreign correspondents get their news about Egypt, challenged Tea Party members to explain why students don't flock to their movement, asked student leaders to take a deep look into diversity at BU and much more.

Ask The Experts
On That Point wants to bring your questions to the experts. Each week, we post upcoming topics, guests and questions on Facebook and Twitter and invite you to join in the discussion. If you have a burning question for one of our guests, we'll ask them. If you have a great topic idea, we'll make it happen. We want to hear from you.

Work For On That Point
We are also always looking for people to join our staff to help with any facet of the show, including on-air work, production, editing, research and writing. If you're interested in becoming involved, email us at onthatpoint@butv10.com.

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