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I'm taking on the world... one ancient civilization at a time. First, it was Roma, IT! Next, I went to "smell the origins of the ancient world" in Greece. Then, I strolled along the rim of time and I stared into the depths of the Earth at the Grand Canyon, glimpsing over 230 million years of creation through a chasm that took about 6 million years to form. Then, I went to get my salsa on and do a bit of mission work in Tijuana, MX. A whirlwind blitz-like tour of Europe followed as did a thorough exploration of the South East Asian pocket - complete with training in Muay Thai Boxing! I'm now officially encantada with Latin America, where I really learned all about a "que rico" life whitewater rafting down rivers, jumping off cliffs, visiting romantic waterfalls and serene lakes, hiking up volcanoes, witnessing just how deep blue the reflection of ocean waves appear on black sand beaches, fairytale forests with underwater rivers and blue lagoons... and so much more!

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