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  1. 01:29:37


    by Suzanne Tiedemann

    45 Videos

  2. 28:10

    Vids to Reinforce Lessons

    by Suzanne Tiedemann

    9 Videos

    Works of art that reinforce lessons

  3. 17:35

    Digital Storytelling

    by Suzanne Tiedemann

    9 Videos

    Digital Stories created by students using the app Storypatch

  4. 10:11

    Polar Bears Offer "Beary" Good Advice

    by Suzanne Tiedemann

    5 Videos

    3rd grade students have been discussing various ways to conserve energy. Scientists believe that global warming is contributing to the melting of ice in the Arctic, which could be a danger to polar…

  5. 01:54

    Bringing Objects to Life

    by Suzanne Tiedemann

    2 Videos

    Videos created by 4th Graders: Exploring the various artists who explore bringing objects to life.

  6. 02:08


    by Suzanne Tiedemann

    1 Video

    Monet Bridge created using plastic and toys

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