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Orlando, FL

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Dr. Thomas Bryer is an assistant professor in the Department of Public
Administration at the University of Central Florida. His teaching and research focuses on
public participation with government, citizen engagement, cross-sector collaboration, and
ethics. His work has appeared in Public Administration Review, Journal of Public
Administration Research and Theory, Administrative Theory & Praxis, Public
Performance and Management Review, Journal of Public Administration Education, American
Review of Public Administration, International Journal of Public Participation, Journal
of Homeland Security and Management, Public Administration and Management, and
International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior. He also has published chapters
in peer reviewed books and award winning teaching simulations.

Dr. Bryer teaches undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses on a range of topics,
including civic engagement, public organization management, administrative theory,
strategic planning and management, cross-sectoral governance, and public administrators
in the governance process.

He holds his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California.

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