Jeremy Dickie-Clardy

Norman, OK

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With an eye for detail and a passion for exploring new technical avenues, Jeremy is producing visuals for the corporate and entertainment world. As a photographer, cinematographer, and editor by trade, Jeremy is an up-and-coming filmmaker, having worked on several photo shoots, digital shorts, short documentaries, and feature films for The Trinity Trust, Trinity Strand Trail, and the Boy Scouts of America, to name a few.

His film company, Ah Nuts! Productions, was established in the summer of 2010 and continues to produce his works all over the world Before becoming the sole proprietor of Ah Nuts! Productions, Jeremy devoted several years of photography and editing to non-profit organizations.

Since exploring and developing his talent and creativity at the University of Oklahoma, Jeremy has begun writing and directing films and has included several short films to his repertoire, including award-winning original screenplays and films that have been accepted to film festivals all over the world.

While pursuing a degree in Film and Video Studies, Jeremy has continued to work alongside several prestigious film production houses and studios, such as Kelly Productions in Dallas, TX, and looks toward the future of graduate school and bringing stories to life.

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