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Javier Barboza is an animator, filmmaker, and artist. His work tackles the complexity of the urban city, using a surreal and narrative method to engage the audience in experiencing what is best described as visual and immersive.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Javier has been animating since the age of sixteen,through after school inner city outreach programs. He continued his studies at East Los Angeles Community College,immersing himself in fine art and animation. He transferred to California Institute of the Arts , (Cal Arts) and majored in Character Animation and Film Video earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2007. While attending Cal Arts. He received his Master in Fine Arts at The University of Southern California (U.S.C), in The School of Cinematic Arts, DADA Animation Division. Javier continues to merge medias. His thesis an Animated documentary about human trafficking, though the Mexico/United States border. Javier is currently freelancing, teaching and developing his next film.


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