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  1. scott robart commented on The Forest
    Really beautiful footage here. I especially love the shots of the light coming through the trees. I've just about been convinced to bite the bullet and buy a bmpcc, especially now that they're only $500.
  2. This was really beautiful work. I really enjoy watching the work of those who have mastered the DSLR for video. Thanks for sharing your videos. :)
  3. Really beautiful video. :)
  4. Very interesting setup you've got there for the squirrels/birds. Also, truly amazingly detailed footage from that camera! :)
  5. The detail in these shots is simply amazing. Thanks for taking the time to capture the samples and upload them for folks to view. I'm almost sold on this camera. :)
  6. That little camera spits out some phenomenal-looking footage. I am continually amazed every time I look at a new video from the BMPCC.
  7. Very clever video. Definitely made me smile. :)