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Creative Director Gary Breslin is a visual artist who works in both the commercial and art fields. His work ranges from high-profile television commercials to music videos to internationally acclaimed short films and video art. Working around the world, from Moscow to Tokyo to Sao Paulo to Beirut, Breslin has executed a myriad of projects for brands such Coca-Cola, Motorola, Sprite, ESPN, Pepsi, Reebok, Nike, IKEA, MTV, Ford, Xbox and Ford. He is currently in development on several feature film projects based on original screenplays.

Breslin’s work has been featured and has earned prestigious awards at countless festivals in Tokyo, London, LA, New York, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Croatia, Austin and Montreal. His artwork has shown in high-profile exhibits from New York to France to Miami and beyond.

Prior to founding ODD in 2011, Breslin started Panoptic in 1997. He has taught film and animation at The New School & SVA in New York since 2005.

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