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Clarissa Rebouças is graduated in Social Communication in Cinema and Video at FTC (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil) in 2007. Specialized in Screenplay by EICTV - Cuba, in 2009, and Audiovisual Scripts by UNIJORGE (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil) in 2010.
She works mainly teaching audiovisual and script workshops, writing scripts and plays, directing short documentaries and fiction. In 2009, she directed the documentary A Procissão dos Homens, for TVE-Bahia, Brazil.
In 2012 she finishes desvelo, short-film, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil and wrote her first feature film script called Cine Ruby, sponsored by The Government of Bahia, Brazil. In 2013 directed Fragrance short sponsored by TIFF – Toronto International Film Festival because your participation in Talent Lab in 2012.
In 2014 set a new record production, directing and writing three short films in differents parts of the world: Camila in Quebec, Désirs in France and Amornarquia in Chile.
In 2015 concludes his first comedy, the short Le Blonde des Toilletes and she searchs funding for produce her first feature film Cine Ruby.


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