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Ken J.B. Senior Editor

Ken J.B. born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, relocated to the states at a young age. Having very little resources early on, Ken found interest in editing using
two vhs VCR’s, creating presentations for the family to enjoy. While attending area middle and high schools ken excelled in the television production
curriculum, and found a deep love for the post production process.

Ken soon began inundating himself in any local productions that would let him on the set, and taking advantage of internship opportunities to hone his
craft. Eventually landing editing jobs that would soon lead to more. Ken became well known for being the head editor for 3 full seasons of the (UPN)
MyNetwork hip-hop and R&B TV show “On the Mike at Midnight”. His attention to detail and sheer dedication to his craft allowed him access to large
television projects. During Ken’s career he has edited projects for Comcast, Paramount Pictures, Eastern financial credit union, Time Warner, and many
regional and national television and film projects.

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