Henry "Sandy" Jacobs

Pt. Reyes, California

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The audio archive at AlanWattsRecordings.com is the result of a decades-long documentary project of Henry "Sandy" Jacobs, a longtime friend and co-conspirator of Alan Watts. Culled from a lifetime of introspection and study of Eastern Philosophy during the course of their friendship, Henry began recording all Alan Watts spoken word engagements you can hear today, including all of the material available at AlanWattsRecordings.com.

Jacobs is also a sound artist and improviser par excellence. His influential recordings as well as collaborative projects resonate with an irreverent sense of humor and a love for musics of the world. From the early 1950s into the 1970s, Jacobs experimented with tape music and staged the early surround sound and visual spectacle 'Vortex'. In 1964, Jacobs created a film about quitting smoking called "Breaking the Habit" which was nominated for an Oscar that same year. A direct attack on the tobacco industry, the film's success resulted in all tobacco advertising being removed from radio and television.

A contemporary of Ken Nordine and Lenny Bruce, Jacobs honed an individual style that was droll and laid-back but winked at you at the same time. On his recordings for record labels Folkways, World Pacific, and Fantasy, as well as his own private label MEA, the world of Jacobs is an audio collage that embraces many cultures and sensibilities.

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  • Alan Watts Recordings - An Alan Watts audio archive curated by Henry "Sandy " Jacobs' private label "Mastering Enligtenments Arts" (MEA Recordings)