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Veronica Vitale,
singer, songwriter, composer, author, pianist...
Born in 1988 - Pompeii on the bottom of the Vulcano, her Hometowns today are Boscoreale/Italy and Frankfurt am Main/Germany. Dr.Veronica Vitale started her career at 13 years old, taking piano lessons, singing and music theory lessons, soon she started to compose her own songs and opened not only every heart of the audience also many doors of producers,artists and the entire italian High-Society in Rome and Milan. At the age of 18 Veronica Vitale had her first release of her own composition "Beyond Me/ Al di là di Me " on a sampler of the italian Superstar Renato Zero. In 2010 Veronica Vitale signed to the German Record Label FBP-Fueled By Passion/EMG-European Music Group to release in 2011 worldwide (Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Ecuador, Philippines, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Singapore,
Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA in over 5800 stores) her Pop Debut Album "Veronica Vitale-Nel mio bosco Reale". The international music style of Veronica Vitale, her unique Voice and her extra ordinary Live Performances revolutionated the italian Pop music and opened the international gates for her across Italy.Veronica Vitale is a Live phenomenon that sets each audience on fire with her unique voice and Live Shows.After the first Single and Music Video "Hangover",comes now the second Single "Il Cielo" of the Album "Nel mio bosco Reale".

Social Commitments:
Veronica Vitale is the only Italian singer that participate in "Support Japan". In the "Support Japan" project are over 100 international artists, bands and over 50 companies of the music industry involved. The Artists will represent on different Stages,appearances and Festivals. Center of "Support Japan" is a mp3 Sampler with a Guiness World Record: The biggest mp3 sampler of the World! From the album " Nel mio bosco Reale" will be the second single included in the mp3 Sampler. All garnments will be donated to 100% to the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz & Wings of Help.

Shows,Awards, Appearances, Guest Star, Festivals.

2002 - Festival Italiani del Mondo
2003 - Festival Italiani del Mondo
2004 - Festival Italiani del Mondo
2006 - Winner at Fonopoli Contest of Renato Zero
2007 - Winner of Castrocaro Terme Festival'
2008 - Premio Mia Martini Festival -
2008 - Publication of the Fonopoli/Renato Zero Sampler - Ulisse - Ed.Roma
2009 - Winner of the Youth Festival Pompeii
2009 - Star Guest at Enzo Ferrari Formula 1 Circuit
2009 - Contract with YPS-YourPersonalShopping Management of Anna Fendi (Lindt owner)
2009 - Contursi Terme Festival
2009 - Star Guest Artist all'evento " Arte in Vetrina " of Anna Fendi in Rome
2010 - Winner of Music Destination Festival
2010 - Star Guest at Microfono dell’anima Festival 2010
2010 - Record Contract with FBP - Fueled By Passion
2011 - Album Release Party in Frankfurt am Main/Germany
2011 - Musik Messe 2011 Frankfurt am Main/Germany
2011 - Project "Support Japan" in collaboration with Deutsches Rotes Kreuz & Wings of Help (Official Veronica Vitale Homepage) (Official Veronica Vitale Youtube Channel) (Official Veronica Vitale Myspace) (Official Veronica Vitale Facebook) (Official Hangover Music Video) (Official Hangover Music Video in HD)

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