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Washington, D.C.

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I am currently a staff photographer for AFP in Washington, DC, where I have been working for 12 years. A majority of my time is spent as a still photographer, but our company has recently delved into video as well, and I am beginning to shoot more and more stories on both formats. I am part of the tight travel pool for the White House Press Corps, which allows me to follow the US President around the world providing news coverage. While White House coverage takes up a majority of my assignment time, I also cover general news around the country.

I spent 8 years in the US Navy as a photographer and was accepted to a photojournalism program through Syracuse University in 1997, where I completed all my majors for a BS in Photojournalism. This program led me to All Hands Magazine where I spent three years telling the Navy’s stories through its sailors experiences around the globe.

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