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M'agrada la natura, l'art, la música, la dansa, la fotografia, el cinema, el teatre, la literatura, qualsevol forma de bellesa. Gaudir-la i crear-la. Imatges i so, meravellosa simbiosi... aquí sóc, aprenent a combinar-los.
Me gusta la naturaleza, el arte, la música, la danza, la fotografía, el cine, el teatro, la literatura, ... cualquier forma de belleza. Disfrutarla y crearla. Imágenes y sonido, maravillosa simbiosis... ahí estoy, aprendiendo a combinarlos.
I like nature, art, music, dance, photography, film, theater, literature, ... any form of beauty. Enjoy it and create it. Images and sound wonderful symbiosis ... there I am, learning to combine.
I have been studying music in Barcelona since I was six, specializing in piano. Beginning with my dealings with the world of amateur theater, especially of the musical variety, and given my performances as a pianist in recitals, concerts, and musical theater, the need to compose and arrange music arose. Little by little my passion took shape and gained importance in my life. The internet gives me the opportunity to feel free, inspired and stimulated to compose new works which come from my intuition as I keep integrating countless music styles that are part of my artistic and musical background.
You can listen to my music at

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