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Des Moines, Iowa

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Skilled speaker, facilitator, business leadership consultant for more than 30 years, Mike Wagner is founder and CEO of White Rabbit Group, a nationwide consulting firm specializing in building effective leadership and unique brands. Mike specializes in identifying organizations’ “sticking points” and implementing changes to get them “unstuck” so they can break through to the next level.

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  1. Very helpful...especially your early observation that "circumstances" can be very painful but they are seldom our biggest needs. Thanks for posting this message!
  2. I agree with the comment above, this is a really helpful introduction to Smith's book, Desiring the Kingdom. To advance the conversation I often send this link to others. Thanks to the people at Redeemer to sharing this resource with us here.
  3. Thanks for posting! Moody had to be a great setting for this provocative and challenging presentation for Bishop Wright.