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This teacher/watercolorist has been a Maui resident since 1975.

A sabbatical leave at Yale provided Dick with a once-in-a -life-time experience to take the Josef Albers’ color course. There has been no greater influence on his educational career, and the residual benefits are very much in evidence today. He earned his masters degree during his second sabbatical at Ohio State University.

Upon his return as a Korean vet, Dick headed the Punahou School art department for 22 years. He came to Maui to establish the Wailea Arts Center in 1975 . Dick taught at Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center for eighteen years, and conducts classes in his studio and workshops throughout the Western United States and Canada.

Color has been Dick’s primary focus in his years of watercolor painting. Using the same primaries as printers, he builds his painting in layers of these three colors, allowing each layer to dry for applying up to eight transparent glazes. Computer graphics has been a recent addition to his visual expression.

Dick’s paintings are in the permanent collection of the Honolulu Art Academy, Honolulu Hale, The State Foundation On Culture and The Arts, Alexander and Baldwin Corporate Offices, and private collections.

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