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Jeans are what we love, born from a strong passion and thirst of denim and thread. Inspiration, faith and trust in philosophy leads us to believe everyone who has a hunger for a pair of life, style and fashion from times to times in everyday life.

Design comes from the passion of love that serves and glues all the gaps of life. Fifthrequisite’s philosophy is to create a great pair of jeans that become a part of your life which are based on the 4 fundamentals of human life, making people stay true to the attitude of life and all about their jeans.
Fifthrequisite has been born to fulfill the desire of human needs. After all, no matter what color, nationality, gender or religion, we all live to EAT, DRINK, SLEEP, SEX. We aim to show the power of denim which has been created with the finest quality, from thread to artisan. Our denim allows you to show your personality, and live your dreams - FIF

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