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London, UK

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My work is an invitation to explore how we perceive the moving figure through various media. My practice involves making anatomical and semiological studies to investigate how performance and video affect each other, undoing conventional ways in which these two media have been related. My performance work consists of site-specific improvisations where I, as the performer, explore modes of connectivity between a body and an environment. More than documenting these performances, my video work makes possible to perceive a multiplicity of continuations and differences in the presentation of movement. I am interested in the choreographic capacities of video (serial formats, framing, editing, colour) that allows us to engage in different ways with movement. This process-based research has led me to video as platform from where to re-consider ideas that agitate the practice of choreography (time, space, energy). My work has been affected by various artistic and theoretical companions, from contemporary choreographers, to video art and performance, to philosophies of perception.

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