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Teen-Beat is an independently owned, operated, and distributed organization which has been in existence since 1984. Teen-Beat helped ignite the American indie record label revolution. Perhaps best known for its DC based indie-guitar-pop and artists such as Unrest, Tuscadero, and Air Miami, Teen-Beat has also released records by folk-art lyricists Butch Willis and Jonny Cohen, experimentalists Gastr Del Sol, Ween's Aaron Freeman (as Synthetic Socks), 1960's icons The Feminine Complex, New York indie-rockers Versus, and many many others.

Mark Robinson (Unrest) formed the label while at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia, with help from friends Andrew Beaujon (Jungle George & The Plague, Eggs), Phil Krauth (Unrest), Tim Moran (Unrest), and Ian Zack (Thirsty Boys). Classmate John Lindaman (True Love Always) was also helped out.

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