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Haslett, Michigan

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David Johnson is an independent videographer, and digital communicator from the Greater Lansing area of Mid-Michigan.

He's largely interested in producing video works that emphasize the very real and present need to look at the bigger picture, and address challenges at a local level through sustainable means.

David is currently producing "ELFCo TV" through the support of the East Lansing Food Co-op, and the Lansing Public Media Center. Each month, he puts together an hour long documentary focusing on food-related topics, which is then aired through local public access channels.

He's taught a Summer film workshop; written and filmed a planetarium show, and continues working towards the creation of "Project Re:Think!" A collection of short films examining issues of sustainability and green practices that will one day be donated to the Michigan public school system as a tool to help teachers guide their students into a rapidly changing 21st century.

If you have ideas you'd like to share, or you're interested in contracting David's services, and collaborating professionally, please send emails to johnson.dr5@gmail.com.

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