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1133 Broadway, New York, NY 1001

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Carlson International was established in 1962. when noted musical arranger, producer
and publisher Fred Barovick (credits include recordings by
Nat King Cole and Elvis Presley) established Carlson International as a talent
management adjunct operating
from his Brill Building (1619 Broadway) New York office.
He placed the management and A&R auspice
in the hands of Louis Ferriol, who had been a freelance producer
and independent talent agent.

By 1967, Ferriol expanded Carlson International as
full service talent management/direction, moving to offices in The Fisk Building,
(250 West 57th St.),
catch-phrased "talent row" because most firms in the
complex then were talent agents, model agents, personal managers
or casting directors.
Expanding, Carlson International (
entered into motion picture, television and video production,
producing twelve full length theatrical features,
national cable programming, commercials, infomercials,
and industrials with in-house crew, mobile van,
and editing/post production facility.

As the cyberworld burgeoned, Carlson International launched
Xoteria.TV ~ internet television and
multimedia which enhanced Carlson International's
talent management/direction services to encompass in-house
web server and website facility to provide our represented
actor/model clients with professional websites at no charge.

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