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The Moving Image Company (TMI) was founded in 2002 by local director Christian Cisneros as a commercial production company to service Central Texas. With the addition of veteran producer Robert Stewart TMI has more than 35+ years of combined experience in the Film/Video Production Industry. From Pre-Production to Post-Production, TMI produces some of the most professional and cinematic product created within the central Texas market. Over the last several years, TMI has handled virtually all production elements related to Film, Commercials, Live Events, Corporate and Broadcast content, all over the state of Texas. TMI has also played a major role in a number of Indy Features, including "The 2 Bobs", "RISEN", and "Broke Sky, as well as award winning short films such as "Bending Light", "The Trunk", and concept trailers such as "Hallettsville", and "TANK". During this period, TMI has collaborated with many other creative film makers and content developers such as, Jeff Burr, Thomas Callaway, Jim Spencer, Damian Chapa, Will Wallace, Joe Estevez, Tim McCanlies, Willie Nelson and Joe Unger to name a few. Our principle partners have lent their talents to more films and video productions in the central Texas area than could be listed here.

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