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Jim Darski is a San Francisco Bay Area based media artist working primarily in Motion Graphics, Design, Video Editing, Photography and Art Direction. He studied as the Interdisciplinary Major at San Francisco Art Institute and graduated from School of Film and Video at California Institute of the Arts (MFA, 2003). After completing his study, Jim has worked for several video post-production facilities throughout Bay Area as a freelance and full-time staff. He has also been involved in several independent film projects and continues to develop his personal art photography series.

In 2013 Jim has joint Art Institute of California, San Francisco as a part-time instructor of Motion Graphics and Video Editing.

Currently Jim is a Senior Graphic Artist and Editor at Beyond Pix Studios. His commercial work includes videos and designs for major Bay Area companies like eBay, LinkedIn, Chevron, Northern California EMMY Awards, Yahoo!, Visa, Skype, Sonoma Raceway, Nestle, as well as non-profits like Bay Area Video Coalition and artists like Neil Young. Jim is very versatile and can work in many different areas of motion design, interactive, video and web. He enjoys the challenges that each projects brings. Using his experience and creativity he strives to complete quality videos and designs that meet and exceed client's expectations.

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