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EcoBoomer Co. Ltd. was established when we realized there was a huge global demand for eco-friendly, zero emissions, electric human transportation devices but not many choices. The problem in the past has been that these products are much too expensive for most people to afford. We now supply a line of high quality electric human transportation devices called EcoBoomer… and now we have many successful resellers in cities all around the world.

EcoBoomer electric human transporters are being used in many different applications such as security, police, warehouse & industrial, advertising, mobility for elderly, recreation, golf resorts, amusement parks, beach patrols, shopping centers and malls, government, hotels, tour businesses, or just having fun with friends. The EcoBoomer is completely electric and burns no gas to operate which makes them eco-friendly and cost efficient, yet fun to ride. Our goal is to reduce the amount of gas powered vehicles on the road so we can help reduce CO2 emissions around the world and keep the air cleaner for future generations.

EcoBoomer Co. Ltd. often upgrades the technology that our EcoBoomer products use so we are always able to offer a superior product at affordable prices. We look forward to hearing from you and will be ready to assist you in the process of making your purchase. We are actively searching for new EcoBoomer resellers for our products from all over the world, so if you have an interest in starting a successful new business in your city with an incredible product line that has a huge global demand, then you just found the prefect partner with EcoBoomer Co. Ltd.

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