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In Indie Film we cherish the film experience, based on a reality that never ceases to amaze us.

Since 1998 Indie Film has produced both documentary series and feature documentaries. Our output is film with strong visual identity and themes surrounding human interest. Our films’ personal and creative appeal makes them viable for the European and global market.

Productions from the last years include critically acclaimed feature documentaries like Ida’s Diary (2014), Ballet Boys (2014), Pushwagner (2011) and Trying Freedom (2008), the experimental short documentary Club 7 (2013), the documentary web-series 300 Seconds (VGTV 2011) and the award winning docudrama series The Institution (NRK 2004).

We also co-produce a select few films as award winning The Punk Syndrome (2012) by Mouka Filmi, Dukhtar (2014) by Zambeel Films, The Visit (2015) by Magic Hour Film and Lost in Perfection by Fasan.!/IndieFilmAS

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  1. I want to see this and know when it's available to rent or buy. please keep me in the loop! This is important and courageous work.