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Halifax, Canada

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I am an artist and filmmaker and I've made three feature fims - Parsley Days (2000), Love That Boy (2003) and Heartbeat (2014), as well as the documentary, Sluts (2005) and animations with the National Film Board of Canada, Flawed (2010) and Big Mouth (2012). I'm currently in production with a new documentary, 160 Girls, also with the NFB. I occasionally teach film and video at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and I'm one of 4 co-creators of Blowhard, a thematic storytelling series. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my boyfriend, Dave, and (half of the time) his kids Max and Sydney and our dog, Sophie, and cats, Pipaloo and Griffin

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  1. I love so much this movie! I watched in Halifax before going back to Brazil, it's a lovely work. Congratulations, your work is awesome. Now this is gonna be part of my memories about Halifax (: