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A multi award winning Brisbane based filmmaker, Luke has directed, written and produced many international successful film projects including Silver Stiletto, Prep Rules, Weight Of Sunken Treasure and It's A Treat.

Over the last ten years Luke's short films have screened in countries all around the world in over 40 film festivals such as Palm Springs (US) New York City (US) Raindance (UK) Frameline (US) Newport (US) Sonar (Italy) Flicker Fest and St Kilda (both Australia) and also played on AINT IT COOL NEWS and many others.

His short films have won 18 awards including most recently Melbourne Queer Film Festival Celluloid Casserole Selector’s Choice Award to Luke Mayze for Silver Stiletto, Queer Screen Sydney Festival 2013 Winner Most Popular Film 2013, Pittsburgh Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Winner Best Short Film 2012, Best Picture for both Prep Rules and Moving Pavlova at the Warner Brothers Filmmaker Award in Australia. In the same awards Prep Rules also won Best Producer, Director, Actor and Cinematography. Prep Rules also won an Gold ACS award for Cinematography in Australia and has also won several awards for it's music score. His Best Picture short film winner Moving Pavlova is currently been developed into Luke's first feature film.

Luke's films The Weight Of Sunken Treasure and Silver Stiletto also won Silver ACS Cinematography Awards and It's A Treat won a Bronze ACS Cinematography Award. It's A Treat also won Best Comedy at the NYC Film Fest in 2011.

Luke has also directed commercials, documentaries and corporate videos

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