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  1. Martin Bennett - director
  2. Gilad Glasberg
  3. samadhi production
  4. Leonardo Dalessandri
  5. Gunther Machu
  6. Wiek Luijken
  7. Stevie T. Ungureanu
  8. maxsainvil
  9. Philip Bloom
  11. Brian Childs (DIRECTOR)
  12. Rustic Red Studio
  13. Dave Dugdale
  14. Pacific Pictures
  15. Phil Hoyt
  16. Alex Dimitriadis
  17. Domo Kyss
  18. Chris Krook

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  1. does it make a lot of noise in video mode
  2. i want to see a full film shot with it only seen one video on youtube that showed how great the camera is the rest is test the lowlight looked great in the video on youtube how do you like the lowlight
  3. hows the lowlight i don't really see to many videos on this camera i have a samsung nx1 6.5k read out with and 4k downscale