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Quezon City, Philippines

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Timmy Harn studied elementary and high school in a progressive school that mainly focuses on the arts. After finishing high school he then took up journalism and fine arts. He left school to pursue Film making. A short Film Maker and worked as a Production Designer for Film and Commercials, Timmy made short films that have participated in local and international film festivals. One of the short films that he made “Class Picture” was screened at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival , it also won best experimental film at the 2011 Gawad CCP short Film Festival. He is the producer of the 2012 feature “Pascalina” which won best picture in the cinema one originals film festival of that year. His first feature “Ang pagbabalat ng ahas” was a part of the cinema one originals film festival 2013 and had it's international premiere at the 2014 Olhar de Cinema in Curatiba, Brazil.


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