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  1. Hey, does anyone solved the problem with not firing events without allowScriptAccess=always? Support!!!!! Do you have any information about as3 api?
  2. This is not the case, this is enabled and i'm only getting the ready event fired, the rest does not get triggered, in fact im not sure if they were ever working. This particular application needs a metadata event fired and from the looks of it, it…
  3. yes! it is working if you set allowScriptAccess to always
  4. Hey Steve, Glad to hear! Yeah, I really think this issue has something to do with how the SWFs are being built, and primarily how they are being embedded into the page/app. Please, let us know if you run into any issues with the player or API while…
  5. Hi Ryan, Thanks for all your efforts to try and trace the cause of this issue. I just started working with Vimeo over the last couple of days, ran into this issue and found this thread. I had the "classic" issue above where the events were firing…
  6. Hey Colin, I don't have Flash v5.5, so I wasn't able to open your FLA, but I did use the basic code that you supplied above, and altered it a bit, and everything seemed to work fine for me. Here's the code that I used in Frame 1 of my test with…
  7. Hey Lalit, You can adjust the embed settings for any of the your videos, hiding the playbar being one of those options, from the Embedding tab in a video's settings page.[clip_id]/settings/embed Hope this helps. Please let us…
  8. with a plus account how do you hide the control bar? Thanks.