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Chris Lael Larson is an multi-disciplinary artist, musician and graphic designer who lives and works in Portland, Oregon, USA. His current motion work coalesces hand-sequenced digital stills, stop-motion, hand-drawn animation, motion graphics and sound collage -- flowing layers of color, shape and texture together into surreal meditations on physical and emotional landscapes. Stylistically, this work draws from abstract painting, collage and contemporary photography traditions. Chris is the founding member of DEELAY CEELAY, a collaborative video/music performance duo (with percussionist Delaney Kelly) who will be releasing Thank You, their debut CD/DVD, in June, 2008 and the Movement Remix DVD (remixing the movement work of four regional choreographers) in Winter, 2008. Having toured extensively from 2003-2007, Chris has screen/performed works in over 30 cities across the US. An accomplished graphic designer, he has created projects for such notable clients as Nike, Electronic Arts, Coke, Starbucks, Independent Film Channel, Old Spice, Columbia Sportswear and Intel. Chris received his BA in Photography from the University of California at Santa Cruz where he was awarded the Irwin Scholarship for the Visual Arts.

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