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sort of retired laborer, cyclist, less rich, Berlusconi Sucks

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  1. Belle vidéo! Pour certains Français Anglais expressions artistiques mot d'une réduction de l'avarice, la recherche google sur le site blogspot voter-regain. Merci pour accueillir un effort de l'Ontario. Occuper le soir. Facebook m'a donné le démarra
  2. Fare le leggi per proteggere l'avarizia, e sostenendo l'opposizione è criminale. Berlusconi è stato l'imperatore demoniaco per 50 anni. Cannibale coercizione spirito fa schifo!
  3. That's quite a collection of old and new. Thanks for the effort. Berlusconi is about 1000 times richer and greedier than the rest of G8 leaders combined. Bunga Bunga parties are one of his perks as daemonic center piece of spirit homo orgy, spirit…
  4. Berlusconi is more than Sabinas' problem and more than the problem of Italy. Many can remember how the last Roma dictator turned out. With spirit channel psychopaths it's not so much what their evil is as how much can they stimulate others to do…
  5. Spiegare la musica chipmunk Please explain the chipmunk music